How do I Limit Spawn Time?

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  • Okay I know I'm probably getting really annoying now haha. I'm so confused I don't even know why. Heres what I've done below.

    I know I have filled in the 'else' but even without that I'm sure I've done it wrong

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  • is this what you meant?

  • I know I'm asking for a lot but I feel really dumb right now :S

    Is it possible you could make a really quick CAPX of it? Don't want to keep bugging you both so only if you have the time.

    Thank you.......sorry again

  • davidross900

    Yes, that is correct. What you have in the image above will stop the variable SpawnTime from being set higher than 5. In your spawn event, you should see objects spawn between than 0 to 3 seconds at the fastest.

  • I find it too hard to read these but i think i have the answer but i need to be using my PC. If you send me a pm reminding this post i can send you a SS of how i do.

  • but every so often the enemies seem to overlap each other?????

  • piszozo it says I needa reputation off 500 before sending a private PM :/

  • I ran it again and it seemed to be fine. I change the maximumSpawnTime to 6 instead of 5 since at 5 the enemies like you said spawn at 1,3 seconds. So I thought it could further be made difficult by spawning every 0.5,1 or so. So I played around adding 6 which I think was too much since this time they overlapped a lot since 6 is too high I guess, so what can I do to reduce it to 0.5,1 spawn rate???

    P.s thanks so much. Think I finally made progress

  • I hope it helped what I sent, I am glad you solved it

  • davidross900

    If you change MaximumSpawnTime to 4.5 instead of 5 your resulting spawn speed will be every 0.5 seconds (5 -spawnTime = 0.5 where spawnTime = 4.5). Just takes a little basic algebra.

    I hope that helps and good luck with your project.

    [Edit] just to be clear, you would change your Set spawnTime method to:

    spawnTime = min(spawnTime + 1, 4.5)

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