limit global FPS to 6 (or movement framerate)

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  • Hi there,

    Still on my point'n'click, working with a graphic designer.

    We're using fancy graphics with basic traditionnal animation.

    We're using 6 fps animation.

    Problem now, is that the movement of my game appears to be 60fps so it makes a wrong slide movement when walking.

    I'm using Pathfinder for the movement, I've read tons of stuff on Delta Time but I can't figure out how I can limit the movement to 6FPS since I can only tweak its speed.

    Is there a way to cap the whole project to 6 FPS ?

    Thanks for helping me.


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  • You can't limit the projects frames per second, but you can adjust the timing of the animations and speed of the movement to mimic what you want to achieve.

    When you select an animation from the animation list you will see a speed attribute it the upper left. lower that number to slow down your whole animation.

    also, each frame of your character's animation has a "speed" attribute that tells the game how long to spend on each frame. Click a frame and look for it in the upper left again

    increase that number to adjust how long the game should spend on each frame of your animation.

    using both of these you can slow down how your animations appear to play out.

    as for how fast it translates across the screen, simply slow down the movement speed of the pathfinding.

  • thanks for your answer. Actually it makes the problem unsolvable (at 6FPS there will be a slide effect if we can't put movement at same framerate) so we decided to change the whole animation method and have a 25FPS+ animation.

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