Limit features to set amount of installs

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  • Hello everybody,

    This is an advanced feature request or how would I enable such a feature.

    I have an idea of how I might get it to work but just want to see what others might have done to achieve this trick.

    My idea uses an out side html file with a counter that is trigger once if true and then pre-loaded on start of layout something like how fb scores are pulled into the game. Then using a check if install = set amount toggle group disabled, Thus only x number of people get a specific set of limited features.

    My other Idea uses a button, on click if counter=>x set installed=true, load counter.

    else if counter=x toggle group disabled and delete button.

    my third idea is to create 2 .apk set one active now with all the features and set other to publish after x days pass with some of the features disabled.

    any ideas or know of a plugin that could do this trick?

    Thanks in advanced and have fun and enjoy. Jeremy C.

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  • I think the multiplayer plugin could work too, have the program automatically connect to a host which would pass a certain variable back to the client to save in localstorage for a certain amount of logins. This can happen in the background and be non-critical for the function of your program. You can have this event run only before a certain date to future proof it, and or patch it out later in an update.

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