How do I limit drag speed?

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  • Hi all,

    I'm a bit new to Construct 2 and wondered how to limit the speed at which you can drag and drop.

    Example: Let's say you can drag a balloon around, and a laser beam is firing down the middle of the screen every so often. Well, if you're dragging so fast that the balloon is going 200 pixels at a time, and you've got a 50 pixel balloon and 5 pixel laser, the balloon might skip right past that laser beam and not pop. So you'd want to limit the speed dragging works.

    Or maybe you're making a game where you can throw a boomerang by dragging it around. You don't want to be able to throw it at light speed, though. It should only be able to travel a certain # of pixels at a time.

    Any advice? Or an example capx someone can provide? Thanks!

  • Basically, you remake the drag behavior with an added 'speed limit'. I've attached a capx for you.

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  • Ultra awesome! Thanks!

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