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  • Is there a limit on how many dictionary you can make ? before it become a resource hog.

    If so then how would I use a function base on let say if soldier Is on the battlefield then how do I create a new dictionary and have it link to the soldier only.

    And another thing is how do i rename a newly created dictionary in the game for my code to refer it to ?

    the idea here is that instead of having the game rendering a hundred dictionary for each different unit and I mean they are different monster and not the same as the others. To just create dictionary for the one on screen and not load the other 95 unused dictionary ?

  • Would putting the dictionary object in a container be what you are looking for?

  • Ive seen that method going around but how does it work exactly? and Is there a action for me to do that?

    Isnt the container only good on editing the game not creating dictionary ?

  • I do not know what you want to do because you chose to choose dictionary, which goal you want to use dictionary.

  • The goal of the dictionary is to provide the enemies their own stat like feature and I plan to have each dictionary to determine their hp power defense speed and level and i want the game to just load the enemies on screen their own dictionary because this dictionary will be use with the player as well since you can capture the enemy into your own party.

    Recently I tried to do create enemy with dictionary as a container but I cannot define the dictionary as I have a function to add keys for it. But it turn out that its not working? Is there an extra parameter that i am missing during the create object?

    Nvm I found it apparently you had to do for each enemies and then add the key That just feel weird ? how come even on the On created enemy it wouldnt let me add the keys?

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  • You can use instance variable and define each instance variable with "on create" condition

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