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  • hello !

    i need a lighting system for a game and i saw this video :

    In the description he said he used normal/bump mapping.

    I saw this topic : but the dropbox link is dead. So anyone understand how he did it or how to make something similar ?

    thanks !

  • Im not sure how he did it, but might have been done, but adding a normal map to the floor. So my guess is he used/might have used a program to generate the normal map and then use the bumpmapping effect in C2. I cant see if the normal map is "accurate" or not. So that's why I said he might have used a program to calculate a correct normal map, or maybe just a "fake" one.

    However it works like that.

    "To calculate the Lambertian (diffuse) lighting of a surface, the unit vector from the shading point to the light source is dotted with the unit vector normal to that surface, and the result is the intensity of the light on that surface. Imagine a polygonal model of a sphere - you can only approximate the shape of the surface. By using a 3-channel bitmap textured across the model, more detailed normal vector information can be encoded. Each channel in the bitmap corresponds to a spatial dimension (X, Y and Z). These spatial dimensions are relative to a constant coordinate system for object-space normal maps, or to a smoothly varying coordinate system (based on the derivatives of position with respect to texture coordinates) in the case of tangent-space normal maps. This adds much more detail to the surface of a model, especially in conjunction with advanced lighting techniques."

  • thanks ! but there is a guide/tutorial to bumpmap in C2 somwhere ? or an exemple project ?

  • Sorry I don't know, I haven't actually looked at that effect at all. I just know a little about it from doing 3D. And even there I haven't used it a lot. And whether you need an actual normal map in C2 or whether you can just fake it with a grey scale bump map and still get that effect I have no clue. But will try it at some point because it looks cool :)

    However think this is a very good page that you can go through to learn more about normal maps, lighting etc. And see if you can apply it to C2. I haven't looked through it all, but first impression is that its really good, and will probably give you a good starting point, to understand and creating your own normal maps, so they work in C2.

    Normal mapping and lighting

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  • ok thanks I will take a look <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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