How can I lighten my game?

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  • How can I lighten my game? The map created for the game is quite large and my computer is hard to charge it before to start the game in the final stages of testing. it is the case that I compose the background of the game no longer with a single sprite but with so many invisible sprites that appear only when the player is nearby? Some advice please. The game map is huge and when I run in multiplayer without a good computer does not run very well.

    As always, excuse grammatical errors. I'm striving google translator

  • Hi, did you read the chapter on "Performance Tips" and "Memory Usage"?

    There are lots of tips on making your game more efficient.

  • It must be the arrival of summer and all of these temperature changes, but I struggle to think lately. Thanks for the quick answer. You're a myth!

  • I have just stupid. Or are just tired. I do not know. Anyway, thanks! By carefully reading I remembered the option "destroy sprites" when no longer present in the game and "creates sprites" when they enter the playing area. The next test has released plenty of memory, and now the game goes much faster.

    Initially I tried to follow the choice "make visible or invisible" but endeavored memory was still too much.

    Thanks again. You are a breath of fresh air!

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  • Also, it is usually not a clever idea to create levels that are too large.

    Even popular commercial releases (eg Skyrim, Commandos 3, Hotline Miami, Rogue Legacy) split levels in many rooms or "Layouts", with a loading screen between them.

  • I understand. Now I just need to know how many layout construct 2 is able to endure. I avoided adoperarne too much because I thought they were the ones who cause a disproportionate investment of RAM and various resources but if you tell me that this is the ideal solution then I use.

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