How do I use my license across multiple computers?

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  • I own multiple computers and would like to program on all of them since I am not always at my main PC. For instance I am on my laptop in a different city right now and would like to continue working on my project but only have the free version available. Is there any way I can go about resuming work?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • As far as personnal licenses go, you can use them on every computer you want as long as you are the only one using it, I would suggest either getting the license on a private usb key and placing it in your documents folder under your session, or simply set C2 so it looks for it inside the usb key

    (One thing that can be done is to install C2 on said usb drive, and placing the license inside for convenience)

    You can also I think get back a copy of your license from the store if you need (unsure if it still works that way as, well, the store was not the same when I got mine).

  • Awesome, thanks for your response. I'll either have to look for it in the store or wait until I get home from my wedding to find the license. Thanks again for the quick response!

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