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  • Hi. i'm new here.

    just wondering something that i found hard to understand.

    with construct standart version, i can have a revenue of 5000$ but what does that mean actually?

    the max money i can gain is 5000$ using standart version?

    what if i gain more than that?

    since Scirra isn't a Game Distribuitor(might be mispelled) do i need to tell you how much i gain?

    my thoughts are only this:

    i have the standart version, i made a game, sell in some distribuitor website, gain around 5500$ and receive the money with paypal ofc.

    so what do i do next and what do i need to keep in mind?

    srry if my topic/comment isn't well structured, kinda sleepy right now.

    i know there are laws, and like it says in here, i can get a revenue of 5000$ so getting more than that with the standart version, i'm stealing i guess, but if you don't know then there's nothing to worry about? hm... lol srry kinda really lost

    i would appreciate if you could explain to me better.



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  • Then go to

    and buy the business license:

  • It seems like more of an "honesty" thing to me, basically you buy the Business one if you make over $5000 USD with the Standard Construct 2, or if are using Construct 2 in a for-profit organisation.

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