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  • hi all

    im working on a licence system wich works like this, the app register the serialnumber the real one with the wmic comand, and save that to the machine, and the server also.

    my question is, how a licence works?

    do i have to tell to my app to check if the licence is present in both, machine+server befor teh app start?

    and what to do if the user buy a new hdd?

    and also how to write the 1kb file to the ftp wich contains the serialnumber?


  • You should probably use Construct Classic. As far as I can tell Construct 2 is only for games. There's a seperate forum for questions regarding Construc Classic that you might have more luck on.

  • That's not true


    That's overkill, just use a hash function

    For example, you could start with the number two

    Multiply that by 32 and by itself 3 time, you are going to end with a number, give that as a license and reverse engineer it (Divide it by itself and by 32, 3 times) then check if the number is 2 and if so, the serial is decent

    I'm going to try and make you an example later on, because this one is a bit naive, basically, make it as hard as possible for somebody to find the way to reverse engineer your license

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  • what im doing now its i take the serial number of the hdd, who is used as a licence, thats impossible to spoof, i mean the serial number from the constructor.

    so i have that serial number from my hdd "5VPBGXB6" wich i use for testing.

    so now what to do? do i have to tell when my software start to check if the key is the same machine+server and then if the key exist then the software start?

    and the inverse give a message error like "error licence"

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