How do I make levels unlockable in my game?

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  • Okay, so I have a main menu lay out, level load layout, and 4 layouts for levels 1-4. On the level load layout, all levels are unlocked but level one... I want to make it to where when you play and beat level one in the level one layout, it will make the 2nd level unlocked in the load level layout. How do I accomplish this? Upon beating each level, you go to the next level, but I also want them to be able to open the game and go straight to the level they last played, so they would go to the level load layout to find it. I am having problems transferring data back to the level load event sheet. I basically programed it to say (on the level one event sheet), "When level one is beat, set 'Level2Unlock' to equal 1 (a global variable on the level load event sheet)." Then, I programed it to say (on the level load event sheet), "When 'Level2Unblock' is equal to 1, destroy the 'Level2Locked' sprite (picture of level 2 locked) and create the 'Level2' sprite in its place (picture of level 2 not locked). For some reason, it is not working. Am I not able to change information in other layouts? Is there a way to do this? And, if needed, is there an alternative way I should set this up? Any help would be very much appreciated!

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  • this link may help you

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