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  • alslam alaykom

    hi guys i need help

    im totally n00b

    so im going to make this short


    i want to creat a level selection

    all of them locked except level 1

    ive look at some tutorial but the tutorial say if he press the win picture then unlock the second level i want it auto if the score 300 unlocked 2nd level if not then restart level and so on


    i want to creat a level with object that if u press them added 10 point to the score

    and another object if u press it make ur score 0 or

    let say u press the first object 3 time ur score will be 30

    and if u press the second object ur score will losing 10 point so its 20

    i dont want it to go under the number 0 like -10 -20 and so on


    and i want to store the score and check it at the end of the level if it is greater than 300 then unlocked next level

    i know im asking alot

    give me a tutorials or capx anything that help me

    thank u

  • The easiest way would be something like this:

    create 2 global variables:

    levelsunlocked - set to 1

    levelscore - set to 0

    on object 1 clicked - system add 10 to levelscore

    on object 2 clicked - system subtract 10 from levelscore

    levelscore > 0

    levelscore = 300 - system add 1 to levelsunlocked

    system trigger once while true

  • ok where do i put these steps ?

    in the level selection or in the level 1 room and all the other level room ?

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  • Global variables are global, so they can be put anywhere.

    Level specific things should go in the event sheet for that level.

    If some things are true for every level (game play usually is for the biggest part) you could put that on a seperate event sheet and include the sheet in every level event sheet.

  • Here's a capx.


    This is not the best way to do it, but its pretty easy to understand.

    Hope this helps you with learning the basics for construct2.

  • i love you man !

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