How do I make my levels persistent through save/loading?

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  • I am trying to figure out how to save the current map and all changes when leaving the map to a new one. Then doing the same when i come back.


    In this really simple capx i am just using the spawning of the particles to see if the level is being saved and loaded. But using this method I cant figure out how to complete the loop. Any help or advice or a direction would be awesome.


    Edit: As I have been sitting here thinking about it. I believe that this wont work as each save will just be for that map. So I think that i need a new method. I have been going over most save tuts and havent come across what Im looking for yet. A link to a tut would be great. Or a direction to start on.

    Edit2: Third times the charm hopefully. Link should now be the correct capx

  • Link doesn't work.

  • I added two @ signs in link so i could post.

  • You uploaded a project. We need a single file capx.

  • Thanks for the help already. I apologize for the wrong file. Switching now.

  • Not sure I follow. When I'm on the green level, I pass overthe particles and they start. Then I leave the level and come back to the green one again, and the particles are still going.

    Do you mean quit the game and then go back?

  • Yeah the first level works fine the problem is when i leave the second map it should save when leaving so that when i reenter map 2 that map should also still be shooting out the particles.

    So should look like this:

    Touch box on map 1, leave map one while saving.

    Enter map 2, touch box on map 2, go back to map 1 while saving map 2.

    When coming back to map 1 see particles to prove map was saved, go back to map 2.

    When reenter map 2 I should see particles still.(this is the part that is not working)

    I guess what im trying to do is save a map and load a map. Im thinking of most types of rpgs, ie: pokemon. When you have already beat npcs,bosses on level i dont want to restart the layout because it resets all of my npcs. I want to beable to go back to old maps and have the progress on that map saved.

    Thanks for already taking the time to look at my capx and help.


  • Haven't look at your capx yet, but sounds like you can do so with Persist behaviour. No?

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  • I will look into Persist behavior thanks for the direction.


  • That is exactly what I was needing. Thanks a bunch to both of yall for the help.


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