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  • I am working on app where I would like to feature around 20 levels.

    My concern is the size of the APK is there any way that I can make one wave and then after a level is beat it would only change 2-3 actions in event sheet?

    Or do i have to make a new layout and event sheet for each level?

    My game would be the first level you have to collect the red icon only and reach a score of 10,000 and the second wave would be reach 12,000 touching only the blue icon, third level 14,000 touching green icon, etc.

    Thank you


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  • Just split the Event sheet into individual Event sheets that each fulfill a particular mechanic, i.e. movement, level creation, collision, scoring etc.

    Then you can construct each level by 'Including' the relevant event sheets.

    If you construct your game using separate event sheets, then you only need a new sheet for the level completion calculations.

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