More level=more layouts=eventsheets=more layers?

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  • Hi Constructors.

    I have a general question:

    I want to add more levels to my Plattformer. But all I have done in my first layout will repeat in the next levels... Have I to add new layouts and copy all the layers and the events? Or is it wise to do it all in one layout? What is recommended?

    Normal way (?):

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Slim way (?):

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • You can make multiple layouts but there is no easy way to copy layouts. The process is explained Here

    As far as should you make multiple layouts and event sheets? Sure it wont hurt, makes things a lot more organized. I just made an event sheet with all the constants for every level and included it with the event sheet for each level then just added what few events that i had to.

  • i think the best way is putting all the basic gameplay,scoresystem, mechanics in includes, so you have the basic "gameengine" all in includes, also the basic layers you need, then copy this layout and build your levels per layout and have extra eventsheets for level dependent actions,because you have the includes you can add events to the "engine" and will work over all layouts

    Objects that you use thruout the project you set to globalobjects, it can also be good to put all your globalobjects into one "object"layout so you have an overview, and then you dont have to have them onstage destroying them on start, this helps unclutter you levels

    hope this helps!

  • Thank you guys. I am not sure, if I understand all your advices... I will try to figure it out...

  • It would be nice if we could specify on what layouts a particular layer could be attached to, that way you could, say, have layer 0 as a forest background for example and specify that it should be on layout's 1,2,3,4 &5 (being a forest section of the game).

  • i just realise that there is not copy layout function <img src="smileys/smiley24.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> is there?

    TastyBytes ignore my advice completly about globalobjects, i was totally wrong:(

  • Hey guys, I want to reopen this question.

    Which way to handle different levels would be better for low level hardware such as cellphones etc. Basically which way to handle levels is least resource demanding?

    Another question is, if I have different layers but make them invisible, will they still load when starting the leyout?

  • I have done it like vtrix said. I have made eventsheets like: Player, Checkpoint_System, HUB, Enemies, Music etc. and included them into the main eventsheet.

    Works fine for me.

  • Following the performance tips, using different layouts (this is an old topic, the command to duplicate layouts has been included in C2 now) making sure to reuse your objects (don't create a new object type for a graphical element you already had in your previous layout, create a new instance of the original object rather)

    Finaly be reasonable on the texture you use for your objects (don't use 1600X1600 image as texture for a tiledbackground for example).

    This should do most of the trick.

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  • Basically this question leads two different answers to my knowledges :

    1/ Either, as Tasty did, you use c2 as a level editor & game engine. So each layout is a level and you associate or include your event sheet engines.


    • you don't have to create a level editor
    • you have an unlimited level of tweaking


    • creating a level can take a bit more time and you can make mistakes
    • maintaining a level is a pain if you want to add new stuff (like a particle fx to makes things cuter) you have to add them on all your level or use the global trick.

    2/ Or you use one only game layout, but you create your own level editor.


    • creating level is easier as you made the level editor to speed up the process
    • you can make dramatic changes in UI or in-game Looks in no time
    • you avoid the too-much-layout hell


    • you have to create your own level editor. Which isn't super hard but need time. The only good thing about that is that if you don't release it publicly you can make crappy UI and just put what you need. You will probably be the only one to know how it works :D
    • you have a bit less freedom once you created your data format so you have to think this through:

    ----what infos do you store?

    most of the time: position,angle,scale,opacity and type of object

    ----how do you store them?

    CSV format seems at the moment the only practical way in c2 (no xml parser or binary array loader as far as I know)

    ----how do you recreate the level?

    I usually spawn the same object sprite in which I put different animation according to the "type of object" stored.

    If we could access family members by indexes that could simplify this process a bit by not having all objects in one sprite. (thus separating behaviors and instance variables) Would need an ordering feature in the family manager though.

    Hope Ashley will think about that (:

  • I always include an event sheet in all others, with the most common code.

  • Yann: Im not sure if you have seen it, but Ive made a new picture for you. with pancakes :-) (for your help in the disolve post I made)

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  • hehe sure you know I'm french :D

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  • Hehe. You know you dont have to. Your are the helping guy, not me. Good luck for the contest!!

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