How do I make level selection menus?

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  • I want to make a level selection menu. I know how to make them but my question is, is it possible so that if the player has not reached level 3, he cant click on the level 3 icon? I would also want to know how to make that be saved on the game file so that if the player comes back, he can select the one he stayed in.

    I am planning to publish my game in HTML5 so the game has to be capable of saving that info on a cookie or something.

  • I completely finished 5 levels that are fantastic, I hired graphic designers and sprite artists so my levels look way over the edge but my game is no good without actual level select menu.

  • Um...Just make global variables for each level. "If player clicks on level 2 and level 1 is complete, go to level 2"

    You can save these global variables using the storage object, or some other object...I cant remember but it's quite simple. Just look for a tutorial about saving and loading data.

  • I managed to make the level selector using global variables. It was very simple. The thing is that I cant save them. I already tried looking and have found nothing of what i need. Its basically a "save" command so that when the game is opened, the global variables are still the same.

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  • Instead of global variables use webstorage, this way the saves last until the user cleares the browser cache. There should be plenty of information about it in the forum.

  • Finally got it working. Thanks!

  • AlexKvazos

    this could help aswel

  • AlexKvazos

    this could help aswel

    Wow! Thats exactly what I used. I bookmarked it already. Level selection is essential on platform games. Thanks again!

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