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  • Hey guys I am having some issues in making a Level Selection window for my game.

    The issue is that I have a Tutorial for my game where the player learns about the movements/controls and what the individual sprites do with score and overall score etc. And at the end of the Tutorial I want "Level 1" to get unlocked but it will NOT work for me. I am using tutorial to try and get it to work but everytime I try it, it doesn't work or it messes up somehow. The buttons wont show as "Unlocked" or sometimes the buttons show as "Locked" even though I manually changed the "current_level" Global Variable..

    Please help me with this as this is a huge thing I need to get to work for my game or it wont be much use to myself or my brother.

    Thanks in advance. And sorry if I was a bit confusing, I'm not the best at writing topics on Forums.

  • Does no one know how to do this?

  • without seeing your events/capx we can only guess..

    My first guess would be conflicting events..

    If you manually changed the current level variable, it's probably an event that changes it again..

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  • May I recommend looking over the tutorial video "Construct 2 Simple platformer (part3)" on YouTube. This part actually goes over unlocking levels in a game by using a global variable that's reached within a layout to unlock another layout. It worked for me.

  • Thanks both.

    YoHoho I will look into that Video and update you with the results.

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