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  • Hey everyone! I am trying to setup a level select feature in my game. I have all the sprites for each level laid out. And I have set On touch of sprite X, game will load level X and so on.

    What I need is a way to detect if the player has completed a level and if so what was their score? Then based on their score, display X amount of stars.

    I am looking for something similar to this tutorial. Unfortunately, I find it very hard to follow along with this person.


  • There are a few tutorials here on the site to do that using arrays. Look for level select in the tutorials section... Found this in about half a second using the search box on the tutorials page: Level Select

  • Yea, no offense to the tutorial writers but I can't understand anything that guy is talking about. Sentence structure is terrible as well.

    I guess I can try to figure it out some other way.

  • Can you just store that info in global variables?

  • I have no idea how to do this. I have been working on this for most of the day. I really hate this.

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  • lol picky picky

    u no like my video :P

  • Global variables can be modified using events. There is are special commands if you want to delve into that sh*t.

  • I didn't watch this whole video to see if it answers your question, but I thought I'd throw it out just in case it helps.


  • Yea, I watched that video a few times. The guy just races through everything.

    I would prefer to learn the concept instead of just copy/paste and hope it all works.

  • Tekniko, the videos linked to by Auntie Val are done by ConstructDude he has a ton of videos which are all excellent. He does go fast, but you can pause and take your time, in the end copy paste his code then spend some time looking it over in your build, get a grip of what it does and why, that is the best way to learn.


  • Tekniko Here is a good example .capx of saving the level progress with webstorage, and level selection with buttons but no stars:

    Webstorage multilevel saving

    For the stars I usually create two global variables for each level for example (L1stars, and L1savedstars). Then I save all the stars collected in that level to L1stars. After that I use webstorage similar to the technique used in the .capx example to compare, save, and display the stars.

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