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  • Hi guys,

    i want to create a touch / swip-able level sel.screen, where you have for example 20 levels/sprites and can swipe with the finger from left to right to reveal next levels. The levels would move as you move the finger.

    I red the tutorial concerning the swiping {http://www.scirra.com/arcade/example/5405/swipe-scroll-demo}, but unfortunately at the moment i can't test it on a touch screen so i have to change the touch commands to mouse. Unfortunately it isnt functioning :/. Can anybody tell me what mouse commands to use instead the touch ones?

    Also concerning the level sprites that have to move, do i have to anchor them to the invisible sprite ?

    Thanks in advance!

  • You Don't have to change the touch events. Construct 's touch also reacts to mouse input.

  • LittleStain, thanks its functioning now however i have to have the layout size 2000 x 2000 or so. How can i do it if i only want to show 1136 x 640 which im using for my game to look best on iphone?

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  • As these are basic things you can find in the manual and/or tutorials I suggest you look there.

  • thanks, in the meantime i figured out. But i have another problem as it seems - as in my game there are going to be about 3 swipable pages with level sprites. Obviously i need to tell the invisible sprite {touchfollowme} to center to another position after the 1st page of levels is unlocked. I tried to set its position with set x or move after certain level is unlocked, unfortunately then the swipe function isnt functioning :/. Any ideas??

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