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  • Hello again.

    I'm curious if anyone was able to successfully create a level map similar to Angry birds. So far I have it done, but when it comes to finishing a level, I like to show that the level is finished. No ranking system needed, just a simple completion. I was reading over the tutorial about the level map and it still feels rather confusing to me.

    Is there a away to have layouts interact with each other like this? I'd like it for the player to finish the level, and the door leading to that level indicates that the player finished?

    Also for event sheets, my game is going to have around 70 levels, but I read around that too many event sheets will run down the game. Does the "Include Event Sheet" function help with this? Each level I made is on a new layout, and each new layout has an event sheet that just has a couple functions on it like the User Interface and Completion conditions on top of "Include Event Sheet" from the main sheet with all the programming.

    Will I have to cut down on event sheets still? Thanks for your time.

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  • I'm not too sure about there being a problem with too many event sheets. I think it's when you include too many event sheets to other event sheets. My project will probably end up having something like 80-100 event sheets but I'm not going to include them all. I'll have to wait and see what happens I guess, but how can we be expected to make large games if the system will get bogged down by event sheets that aren't even in use?

    Try to have at most like 5 event sheets being used at at time.

  • UPDATE: Well I think I got the hang of arrays. Unfortunately, when you complete a level, it was supposed to add one "clear" to your win count, but it keeps adding at a rapid rate or after some tweaking, it goes up every time you reenter the map.

    I'd like to be able to make to where you finish one level, it counts as one clear despite repeats... I didn't want to have every level locked because it could discourage casual players, so only worlds are restricted, but with only 6 worlds and a secret world it feels short.

    I suppose I could do an alternative where you collect a set amount of currency and use that to unlock the other worlds, I do have a work around for this however... I'll return with the results.

  • Not wanting to make a double post, but new update that I found a nice work around for this whole ordeal. I've made it where level clears is a large symbol that acts as a "coin" and disappears from the individual level once you collect it. I used the array to help with level clear from individual levels.

    Now, the player can use what I call "clear count" to unlock additional worlds as planned! Thanks for your help!

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