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  • I have a sound that plays when you win a level (Score 10 points)

    The sound does play but it sounds horrible. It sounds like somebody is rapidly tapping a symbol on top of the music. After testing I found out it only happens when it is an action under the condition of currentScore = 10. In other words if I play it anywhere else in the game it works just fine.

    Also it does technically work as an action where it is but only after the "Wait 6 seconds" action, not before it.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT 1: I have disabled all other game sounds during testing but the problem persisted.

    EDIT 2: I have also disabled every other action prior to "Wait 6 seconds" to see if it somehow had any effect and it does not.

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  • the way you have it, it is playing that sound constantly as long as the score is 10. try adding a trigger once while true for that part of it.

  • Wow, you're a genius! or I am incredibly dumb. either way it works perfectly now. Thank you!

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