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  • Hi guys !

    I've been working on Tiny Clusters for a really long time now. (An old demo here)

    The game is alsmot finished but during the developement, I kept having a thought : It would be awesome for the player to create there own levels ! (Community Building - Replayability etc...)

    This part is pretty easy since a Level of Tiny Clusters can easily be expressed with an Array or a (pretty long) character string.

    The Problem is : How do i make it easy to share levels ?

    Please note that this doesn't necessarily mean that players have access to a server or something. It could be a code they have to input, with the obvious constraint that the code should'nt be too difficult to write.

    In an ideal world, i would love a solution that would work on mobile and PC.

    If this is too complex, PC is the minimum.

    I have no previous knowledge in online stuff and looking for ressources &/or directions to follow.

    Thanks a lot for your time

    EDIT : Maybe this is more of a Design issue and i'm not in the right Thread. Feel free to let me know/Move the post.

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  • You would either need a web service or some kind of API/database to do this. You could even build a "level builder"-type C2 application and have it store player-created levels on a database.

  • https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/526/ho ... -savegames

    Load from json Using Firebase.

  • I'm Gonna Look into firebase, thanks a lot !

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