Level Creation with Tilesets

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  • Been playing around more with construct, and currently after looking at things unsure how I would go about making a level more smoothly than manually copying instances of a solid object.

    Read some things and heard about a CSV plugin being able to use an array to generate the level for a tileset, but also heard arguments against using all tiles due to performance issue.

    Would it be best to use a giant(depending on level size) tiled background image for all the "background" tiles and then have only the solid ones in an array to be generated?

    The software I use to generate my tiles is a great one called Pyxel Edit ( pyxeledit.com ) which has options to export the tileset as a png file along with a text or XML document of their placements

    Text format (no rotation/flip information as of yet, hopefully next update)


    XML format (includes rotation/flip information)


    (-1 means no tile placed there)

    Sorry if the post is a bit long winded, so I'll just reiterate things succinctly here:

    1) Performance wise: Better to use all tiles or tile-solids with a large background image?

    Edit:Apparently tiled backgrounds blur when resized while sprites do not, and sprites do no blur if webGL is enabled. So I guess all tile sprites is the way to go

    2) Instructions: How would I use a CSV file to make a level map ; or the XML file?

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  • Okay tried out some things and I figure I'm doing something wrong as it's not turning out how it should.

    using CSV2ARRAY plugin by Rex to make a tile array and then converting the value into the animation frame.

    The image is supposed to look like this:


    But it just cycles through the tiles until it gets the last one.

    EDIT: Forgot to turn animation speed off. Also had to adjust array tileplacement calculations.

  • Okay getting something weird now. Fixed all my previous issues so far, but CurY and CurX seem to be reversed using a CSV array. The X value has to be CurY and the Y value has to be CurX or else the level is on it's side.

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