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  • I'm trying to implement a level-complete rating system where the player get's a certain amount of stars depending on the final score...

    In Actionscript I'd have written something along the lines of:

    If Score > 100, then show Star1

    If Score > 200, then show Star2...

    (hopefully you get the idea)

    How can I do this in Construct2?

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  • You answered your own question.

    Actionscript and C2's event system in my experience is practically the same.

    You would have a global var called Score,

    Then add the event:

    system.compare variable(Score > 100)

         -> Star1.setVisible(Visible)

    system.compare variable(Score > 200)

         -> Star1.setVisible(Visible)

         -> Star2.setVisible(Visible)

    system.compare variable(Score > 100)

         -> Star1.setVisible(Visible)

         -> Star2.setVisible(Visible)

         -> Star3.setVisible(Visible)

    Something like that should get you going <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Ah, thanks to a fellow Steve Jobs victim :)

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