How do I make a level champion?

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  • Hey, I was looking at trying to create a new multiplayer game and have been looking around at the tutorials but I haven't find anything that answers this two questions? the first and most prevalent is say I make a "Semi" turn based (i.e. like civ where turns are taken simultaneously.) Because I'm not super worried about lag (everybody has 20-30 seconds to respond.) I'm not to worried about "Game instances" per say (at least yet). What I am interested is if their is a way to create a "Champion" at each lvl.

    I'm already thinking about starting the game out on the Scirra arcade then go to Clay.Io so using that framework may be the best idea. I recognize that they have a leader board (Playtomic plugin for scirra) and was thinking I could do something like this: Set up the leader board, then when somebody "Wins" the championship they get registered as their level number on the high score board and then clear out anybody else who has that score? Is their a better way of doing this? any suggestions ideas would be great!

    The second question I have is what happens when the host leaves a match? Does the WebRTC automatically find another user and make them host? or do I some how program that into my game?

    Anyways if anybody has any thoughts or ideas let me know, I really want to see if this is possible before I go threw with my design documents.


    Kyle Stylz

  • Please Help! My creative juices are flowing lol

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  • Alright I just found this tutorial: and I think it may work for my title needs.

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