How do I let users save an image in Win10?

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  • Hi. I added some wallpapers to my app and let users download/open them. It seems to work on mobile where Browser: Invoke Download (filename) just opens the image to save it and then use it as wallpaper. But when I try it on Win10 (Visual Studio) the image replaces the entire app and the user cant interact with it to save it.

    I downloaded the latest beta of C2 to enable the Back Button and added a "Browser: On Mobile Back Button" action but its not executed when the image is shown cause it seems to replace the entire app/c2 code. Any ideas how I can fix this?

    Can I use "Browser: Open in new Window" for local files instead of a web address too?

    If this works its still something to fix to allow saving of canvas snapshots with Invoke Download.

    /Edit: Tried to open new window with just "filename.jpg" as URL but I get this error in Visual Studio:

    [quote:1bpv0cpb]SCRIPT87: Unhandled exception at line 348, column 184 in ms-appx://02928669-06b8-42a9-a2ba-576529eb0129/c2runtime.js

    0x80070057 - JavaScript runtime error: Falscher Parameter.

    "logo-burst-standard.jpg" ist kein gültiger absoluter URI.

    WinRT information: "logo-burst-standard.jpg" ist kein gültiger absoluter URI.

    c2runtime.js (348,184)

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  • As workaround I think I will just upload the images to my webserver and then open the images in a new browser window but it would be great if someone has another solution (or a fix from Scirra to allow invoke download in Win10).

  • If you found a bug, consider posting a proper bug report for it, following the bug report guidelines.

    If I understand your description you are basically opening an image in a new browser tab, the image being from your own application, correct ?

    It seems like that is just something that Win10 doesn't allow from the look of the error message you are getting.

    At worst, consider taking a canvas snapshot of your image and provide it as URI (See the system action "Snapshot canvas").

    I don't use Win10 or Win10 devices so I cannot help further, but if there is indeed an issue with C2, without a proper bug report it won't be fixed.

  • Right now I just use "Invoke Download" and it shows the image and replaces the entire app. Only Rightclick>Copy works, no back button or anything else until you restart the entire app.

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