How do I let users Record a video of their gameplay?

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  • Hi, I am creating a Brain-it-on DIY Physics type game (with Inventory), where you can create and watch a chain-reaction based events with Physics objects once you click Start.

    I want the users to be able to "Record" a video of their game-play (chain reaction happening) and upload OR share it with friends. Similar to the famous game Brain Dots.

    I could not find a plugin or a way to do this. Any idea on how can I implement Video Record and Share feature on C2?



  • Hello o/

    If you want the player to record the video of him playing so he can watch the experiment again in game, you don't actually need a video recorder. Just do like Nintendo did in those Super Smash Bros games and save the scene. Save the amount of objects and positions and stuff like that and then when the player wanna re-watch the experiment the game will just replay every thing he did.

    If you want the player to record the video as a video file so that he can export and upload on Youtube or whatever... well then then the next comment might help you a bit more.

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  • Thanks RayKi, I have done the "save" state and "load" state part already, works great!

    Yes, I wanted the user to also be able to Record a Video and save, upload and/or share his attempt (performance) with friends, through a video file.

    Hoping this is possible and someone would help me out in this..

  • Anyone?

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