How do I let something walk over hills

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  • Hi all!

    I'm really bugged with this question.

    I want to make a platform game.

    The character will always run on the ground and will have to walk on the hills that are in.

    At this very moment all i can do it put in 100th's of collision polygons.. But i guess thats not the way to do it right? This will suck up all memory since i get a warning at placing 9 already?

    This is what i mean:

    + The red dots is the way it has to walk. So once on a hill it will actually follow the hill.

    The character can jump. So the pieces in the air has to do the same.

    In short..

    All i need is letting Construct 2 know that the whole image is it's shape and not the polygon stuff.

    Thanks in advance!

    And now as i'm at this topic.

    The level has to be very very long.. I can't just make it a image right?

  • Im not too sure i can help with the first part so sorry for that but with your very long level - you can use just 1 long image as a background if you wanted

    In a game im working on, i have a level that is 7680 x 1024. Thats pretty long so im sure you can do the same!

    Sorry i cant help too much with the other part though, as far as im aware, you'll just have to add the collision points. I'll be interested to see if theres an answer to your problem though.

  • Yes me 2.

    I think i have a better solution for the first part.

    My idea is to create different pieces that all connect to each other ( height and stuff ).

    Than place a random one so my levels will always be different Though i need that first part the most.

    Thanks anyhoe!

  • Maybe i need to use polygons than.

    One more question, does it really harm to have alot of polygon points?

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  • No problem

    I dont think having too many polygon points is too much of an issue. Im in the process of making in game in which my platforms have 37 polygon points and about 10-15 instances of these platforms in each level. The game runs smooth with no problems It could be based on the power of the pc or something else entirely but you should try multiple polygon points and see how it goes!

    Be sure to let us know

  • Ok cool!

    I just gonna try it out i guess!

    Problem is im creating for Android so i have to take care of every memory issue.

    Yet, im afraid i can only find out with trying.


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