How do I let player upload sprite image?

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  • I would like a player to decide on sprite images and be able to upload them into a game before the game begins.

    Additionally, would it be possible to have the image sprites trimmed to certain size or keep them within dimensions of a certain scale during the upload process?

  • Use File Chooser to select a file. Then on use FileChooser On Changed event do Sprite Load image from URL, where URL= FileChooser.FileURLAt(0)

    Then on Sprite Image Loaded event you can resize it if needed. Note, that if you want to load multiple images, you need multiple sprite objects, or one object with multiple frames. The image is loaded into the current frame.

    I'm not sure about cropping. You can "crop" part of the image with Canvas or Paster addon. You can also load image directly into Canvas/Paster skipping the sprite.

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  • Thanks for your feedback. Your contribution has showed me what could be done.

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