Let peer players jump in multiplayer?

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  • Hi guys, I've gone through the multiplayer tutorials, thought I'd try and make a basic game in which a peer connects to a host, and then both can jump around in a small platforming area. My main problem is that I can't seem to get the joining peer player to set his inputs (for example, he should have the "jump" input state set to 1 by holding space) to send to the host.

    I also have another, seemingly unrelated issue where on the peer's version of the game, he sees 4 characters (and 4 floating username texts) where he should just see the one for himself and one for the host. I'm thinking this has to be related to how the nametags for each character are part of a container with the character, and somehow, when the peer's character spawns, it spawns the nametag, and that accidentally spawns another nametag? I guess I don't have a full grasp on containers either.

    Any advice or ideas you can offer would be super appreciated! Thanks!


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