How do I make less lag?

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  • I'm making a game that needs a lot of sprites on the screen at once. But it is causing a lot of lag. If I take most of the sprites off, there will be no point to the game. Is there any idea to stop lag? And no I can't use tiled pictures because of how the mechanic of the game works. I really need help :'(. Btw if you are in the US happy Independence day!

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  • I hate to say this we cant read performance issue without a capx. Go through your event and try to find every one that has every tick or a infinite check and also for the sprite itself try to see if you can min the ammount of different sprite and put them into a sprite with frames.

    the every tick event usually run 60 times a check so it can add up. also if you can try to use the behavior destroy the sprite outside of the layout and have it create when you need it.

    because the more sprite you have the lagger it get and also try to not use super huge sprite size. and again we cant really tell about performance issue unless if you provide capx.

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