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  • Hi guys,

    I have an issue.

    This the scenario.

    I have the main player with platform and scroll to behavior and then the enemy with platform behavior.

    I move the main player touching button on screen adn using simulate controls.

    The issue is that I have the main player on the center of the screen and I spawn enemies at the right and left border. I have not the keyboard control but when i press the left and/or right key on the pc keyboard the main player move.

    I have also tried to insert the keyboard object and intercepts the left/right arrow key when pressed but now there is another problem.

    Infact, the main player does not move but if I presse left arrow the enemy on the left side stop. If I press the righ one, instead the enemies in the right side stop. If I press righ and left all the enemies stop...

    Very strange...

    Can someone help me?

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  • parside

    Could you please provide a link to the .capx file? Thanks.

  • On the player properties go to the platform behavior and set "Default Controls" to NO.

  • lmchucho:

    It does not work.

    BUT, if I disable also the enemy default control, it works great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx a lot!!! :D

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