How do I learn the Photon Addon?

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  • Hey guys,

    I've followed the tutorials:

    How to build a Multiplayer Game with Photon


    Full round-based multiplayer game with Photon

    And they're essentially telling you what to do, but they don't explain what stuff does.

    For example, what does Raise Game Event do? or what's the difference between lobby, room etc?

    I've briefly looked at the documentation but it shows C# code and it's not very helpful for Construct.

    There's a Russian tutorial on YouTube that looks pretty extensive, but I don't understand Russian.

    Can anyone help?


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  • Supplemental: I have brute forced together enough to get players on the screen, but I control both players rather than my own. Any idea what's happened?

  • I'm guessing you should use the raise event more often. Also, if it helps, also always compare if the user. ActorNR is the same as photon.ActorNR. that way, you can limit controls to only your character.

    I wish I could explain with a cap but I'm having issues connecting to photon servers and ThePhotons have not responded to my complaint for about 3 days now.. ..

    I also wished there was an alternative, cos at this point, my project has stalled

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