Leaderboards, alternatives to clay.io with cocoonJs

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  • I have literally read tons and tons of threads and tried every which way of file configs, versions etc etc but no matted what I do clay.io is etremely flakey when compiled with CocoonJS works 1/20 times if lucky and then when it does work, it doesnt work very well.


    Is there a current alternative when using CocoonJS to compile my exports to implement highscore publishing?

    Im currently working on a Android version of my game. I know there is Game Centre (iOS) cocoonJS implementation already so that should be pretty easy when I get to the iOS version.

    Will adding the Facebook object and using facebook developer system for leaderboards get compiled correctly when done via CocoonJS?

    Any help will be much appreciated as it all worked in the CocoonJS Launcher App so I went ahead and published the app to the store and then found the bug after and been struggling every since

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