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  • Hello guys well, i need to create leader board to the FLAPPY PILOT, that will save Highest score of the player, his name, and his email.

    So when user reach eg. 20 points game, and fall down, user is able to save the score. When he click save, he should see 2 fields: NAME and EMAIL. When he fill the filds and click save game should check is there equal or higher score in leaderboard connected with this email. IF there is no higher score, thant name and score is presented on leaderboard and email is stored in mysql database. If there is score equal or lower connected with this email -> player should see information : "Your previous score was much better. Keep trying and play again".

    Guys could you help me ?

  • IS THERE ANYONE who can help please

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  • Guys i have a capx file of the game and don t know how to create for it leaderboard is there any who could help me ?

  • Don't worry, give it some time, people will type on this page, if they no the solution. (>‿‿O)

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