Some layouts using "old" version of their event sheets?

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  • So I have been working on this game of mine for several months already, discovering bugs, fixing them, adding new stuff. All my layouts use the same single event sheet.

    I kept using this single layout for testing. Now I have fixed all the bugs I discovered so far. I tried previewing other layouts and the old bugs are still there (even if they are using the same event sheet).

    I'm not sure why this is happening. I have NO layout-based condition or action in that single event sheet.

    Please help. Thanks.

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  • Try a hard-refresh (ctrl + F5). Maybe that will make a difference by forcing the browser to re-upload all of the files... I hope....

  • Colludium

    thanks, but when I tried ctrl+F5, it loaded the debug preview and the old bugs are still there.

    Any idea as to the source of this problem? It's still working fine for that single layout that I have been using the past few weeks for testing, but all other layouts using same event sheet have the old bugs

  • Mmmmm, I've not seen anything like that before. Are you willing to post a capx do we can take a look at the events?

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