How do I make layouts different sizes

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  • I will try to explain my problem the best I can. I want to make it so some layouts are different sizes than others. For example. My one layout is Window Size: 854,680, but the thing about that is it will change for every single level and I don't want that. I want some levels to be bigger than others. Anyone have any ideas on how I would go about doing this?


  • If I understand you right, you want to resize just your layouts?

    You can easily do that with every layout by clicking on them and setting their size in the properties panel.

  • Yes, what glerikud says:

    1st click on the layout in the projects bar you want to change, then change the size in the properties bar.

  • Thank you very much guys I will try this

  • jeffige What I mean is the dotted line thing. I want to change the dotted line so it is different for every level to make the level bigger.

    For example the window size which is the dotted line in which you can see the screen if I am not mistaking

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  • No, that is the margin. You can also set that in the layout properties.

    Do you want to make the lever or the window bigger? To make the level bigger, you just need to set the size of the layouts. You can also add the Scroll To behavior to the object you want the screen to follow while playing.

  • glerikud,@jeffige I apologize as this is really hard to explain so I will go into more detail before I answer the first question you asked. You see I have a title screen. This title screen is supposed to be in a window size of 854 x 480. This fits the game name, a start, and quit button. Now the next level I do not want it to be that zoomed in and want to make the level bigger (I want to see more white space) then the title screen. So I changed the window size and it changed it for every single layout. When I try changing layout size I only see a difference in the Construct 2 editor, not in the actual browser.

    I want the window to be smaller in some and I want it bigger in others. Here is an example picture. I changed the layout size like you said. That is what I want it to look like exactly. But you see that dotted line? It goes down past the grey and when you run the game all that grey will go to white and show the entire thing until the end of the dotted line. But in some of my other levels the window size has to be like that in order to see certain things.

  • Well... It's still a bit foggy for me, but to put it simply: you want to resize the window (not the layout or the margins). I guess you can do that with the System object Set canvas size action.

  • Man Glorpy I hope this is what you wanted. The size difference is subtle, I didn't really have time to test bigger layouts.

  • can i see the link mentioned above? its no longer active.

  • I am not sure if I understood what you are asking, but maybe you are referring to layout scale ? If you are, then, for every layout that you want it to scale different, you need an event At Start of Layout ---> Set scale to 1.2, 0.8 or what ever.

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