Do more layouts create lag?

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  • Pretty self explanatory

  • no, they dont

  • nimos100 Thanks. In that case, what does cause lag?

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  • Lag is usually caused by too much work on the CPU or GPU.

    CPU lag is caused by running too many calculations - e.g. pathfinding, off-screen objects

    GPU lag is caused by rendering too many objects, effects, or running into a fillrate limitation (Too many pixels drawn to the screen every tick)

  • Thanks. In that case, what does cause lag?

    It kind of depend on your game I think. But the most normal reasons I think are the following:

    1. Bad coding

    This is code that is not optimized, for instant doing a lot of checks at points where they are not needed. Not using functions etc.

    2. Effects

    Effects that are applied to objects, If you use to many or use them wrong it can slow down your game a lot.

    3. Objects

    Pretty self explaining, but if you use a lot of objects.

    4. Wrong sizes of objects

    If you just use "random" sizes of object so they are not cropped, it will also reduce the amount of objects you can use.

    5. Collision detection

    Especially if you use a lot, there are some discussions around the forum regarding this. As I believe most people at some point run into this problem.

    Think that's the most normal ones, there are probably some other ones but cant think of them now

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