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  • Oy lads

    I'm trying to learn in the C2 for some time (Second year started) and due to lack of time it goes so slow. Even when I learned how to create a functions for menu, changing the needed sprites etc I have a question about the Layers and Layouts.

    When I'm working on web based "Sci-Fi Mafia" game with a lot of sheets (Each sheet contains only what it needs - "settings" for settings, "building sheet" for buildings only, etc) and even when I have only 3 Layouts now - "Home page", "Login page" and "Game", in the "Game" layout I have a lot of layers (Almost 12) and here is my question:

    Is it better to create 1 layout with 2 layers for the Background and GUI and each layer separate into the layout or leave it how it is? I'm more worried about the effect on the performance of the game. Even when there is not even one single animation yet (It's more text based game with single sprites only) I'll add something later.

    Well, when I'm here already I'd like to ask something else. I never worked with the "Multiplayer" functions yet and I'm little bit confused of "How to save players' data" into the game (When he is logged on and doing something) and then how to synchronize it with the cloud storage etc... If you have any ideas, shoot it at me!

    Cheers guys for any kind of help. If you need more info about what I'm asking for, I'm here almost every day (Still learning and reading).

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  • The number of layers in a layout should have minimal effect on performance, but having a large number of sprites doing lots of stuff and lots of large images on sprites/backgrounds will.

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