How do I make a layout view that adapts to screen size?

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  • Hi everyone!

    I'd love it if someone could provide some help with how to make a layout view that automatically adapts to the player's device's screen size. (Say for example on a phone the view is 100x500, or 740x480 on a desktop, etc, etc).

    Further to that, I need to know how to make sprites position relative to this adaptive view. I have some objects that form a HUD, and they're on a layer with a paralax of 0, however I'm not sure if their positions would work with every screen size, if you get what I mean.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



  • Using fullscreen in browser crop and setting scale on the layers that need it, it's actually not that hard to achieve, depending on what your game needs offcourse..

    I've been working on/with adaptive layouts since I started this app:


    It works on all devices from the smallest iPhone to the largest Desktop.

    For my new app/game I'm improving upon this by adding maximum/minimum width and height and scaling..

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  • Thanks for you help! So If I set the fullscreen scaling to crop, does that mean that any sprites I have with zero parallax have their position set relative to the size of the view?

    What I'm trying to construct is a border around the view that surrounds the view, regardless of it's size/shape on any device.

    Thanks so much LittleStain !

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