How do I make a layout transparent

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  • Hey o/

    I would like to know if there were any way to make a layout tranparent like a pause menu that would go in front of the game layout, or snap the layout to put it as a background for the one that comes after.

    If you don't recommand doing this, then I'll do differently.

    This is because I used to use this in MMF2 as it was the easiest way to call a menu or whatever.

    Thanks for any answer.

  • you don't make the layout transparent but you can make the layer

  • Nope, I was defintely talking about layouts. I know it's possible for layers. But I want a scene, a layout, a new tab, a whateverhowyoucallthis to be transparent or to snap the previous layout as a background. A bit like RPG Maker's pause menu does.

  • Ok.. so something like global layers?

    I've never worked with RPG Maker or MMF2, but all of these programs have their own seperate ways of achieving the same thing..

    Instead of talking about layouts and not layers and such and comparing it to other programs, you might get a better response on how to create the effect you want using Construct2 by telling exactly what effect you want..

    You could for example create global layers, use groups (in included event sheets?) to activate/deactivate the events related to them.

    This way you could create your menu in a seperate layout and have it displayed over (in) any other layout.

    But as it's unclear to me what you want to do exactly and why you want to do it a certain way, I might be way off in my explanation..

  • I understood what you were talking about, and this is exactly what I want to do :3

    How do I do this?

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  • Making every single layer in the layout transparent should achieve what you want (sort of). The problem is that browsers have inherently white backgrounds.

    What exactly do you want to show through? The user's desktop?

  • I want to show the previous layout. But I'm gonna try that global layer thing.

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