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  • Hello, I've been developing my Metroidvania game for a good 2-3 months now and my problem now, as I've posted before

    was getting the character to move to other rooms/levels. I fixed that. But now it's just an instant "jump" instead of a smooth transition.

    Any idea how to get a transition like the other in this video?

    If anyone knows how to do a transition like that where the player walks into an object hidden in the door, the screen fades out except for the door, door moves and fades back into the game. It would be a great help out for the development of my game.

    Apparently it uses the "clamp () expression", so far this has been my first major problem while trying to design the game and it's something I really need help with.

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to do it, or even better can post a .capx or screenshot with the events set up I'd be extremely grateful and would happily include the person(s) in a Special Thanks section of my game in the end credits.

    Thanks for the help so far and in the future!

  • There was a Thread about Layout Transition and i posted a Capx you might wanna check it out.

    I tried my best to get it work, so here's the Capx that i made:


  • Wisdoms thanks for the .capx but that's on the same layout with just a fadeout-fadein transition, I need it to also have the door sprite moving like in the video.

    I.e, Door is on the left, player walks into the door, everything EXCEPT the door fades out, door is moved smoothly from the left to right, second layout fades in with player in front of the door.

    Thank you both for the help but it's not what I'm looking for. :\

  • In the Capx i attached everything fades out except the door.. and the door isn't moved from left to right the camera just scrolls to the other rooms, anyway i'll try to get it working and post it here.

  • Sorry I misspoke about the door fading out, it just looks like it when you play it normally.


  • [edit] Moved to another topic. My mistake

  • Antraxis Whoops wrong topic xD, anyways i'm glad to help

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  • Antraxis

    I don't really get what's going on in that event sheet, could you please do a example .capx?

  • Nesteris he meant to post it on that Topic and not here

  • Wisdoms

    Oh woops, xD

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