Layout Size and Position [SOLVED]

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  • I have been playing around with the Layout size and angle and Layer size and angle.

    Is there a way to get the Layout to change position relative to the window?

    I would like the Layout to be at a slight angle and be in the middle of the window. Say a Window of 800 x 800 and a Layout of 600 x 600 I would like there to be a visible border of 100 around the entire layout.

    is this possible within Construct 2 or do I need to go to Canvas drawing for that?

  • Nobody has anything on this?

  • Sorry, not 100% sure what you mean, but please find the attached. I've set it so that the layout rotates 1 degree every tick. If you want, you can change it so that at the start of the layout, it is just set to a certain angle.

    CAPX here

  • Thanks for replying,

    The angle is not an issue.

    The layout by default is anchored to the window at 0, 0.

    I would like to anchor the layout in the middle of the window.

    So the layout would start at 100, 100 with the window being larger than the layout.

    I can find nothing that allows for this.

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  • OK, I solved this for myself.

    The unbound scrolling was the key.

    I have an invisible sprite in the center of my layout with Scroll To behavior.

    The window size is set for 800, 800 while the layout size is 640, 480.

    This will allow me to have my Game Layout in the center of the screen.

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