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  • I have an interaction with a layout size of 800, 600, intended for desktop computers, but when I run it the browser opens at what looks like 800 wide but about 450 high.. the top and bottom are cut off. Does anyone know what might be causing this?



  • Does your screen resolution suffice for displaying the 600px height of your project + the browser's toolbar height?

    A capx file could help us better understand the problem.

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  • Also be aware that some of the fullscreen project properties will force an "aspect ration" on your screen, and it will change whether you are previewing it as fullscreen in browser (with or without the url bar/interface for example, in other words when pressing f11 or not).

    Moreover you can make sure to really execute at fullscreen using the "Request fullscreen" action from the Browser object.

    In the end a capx can help, consider attaching one to one of your posts.

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