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  • I know that you cannot upload games to the Scirra Arcade if they exceed these limits- Maximum size of upload is 10mb. Maximum width of the game is 800px.

    What all does that keep me from doing? What sizes on everything is recommended?

    Should my layout size be 800 pixels wide? Should all sprites and items be inside the 800 px wide layout?

  • Your layout size can be anything you want. Your Window size, if uploading it to the Scirra Arcade, cannot exceed 800 pixels wide.

    As for a "recommended" window size, you need to figure out your target device. If it's a mobile game you may want to keep it smaller like, 800x480 or 400x240. If you are targeting PCs you may want to start with a common 16:9 resolution. I think 1280x1024 is the new most commonly used resolution.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    Also- How would I go about putting it online?

  • Export for HTML5 and upload it to your website, or Kongregate or the Arcade. Depends where you want it to be hosted.

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  • Alrighty, thank you.

    How do you view the Html text? I'm aiming to upload it to a Weebly site and I'm having a bit of trouble.

  • Here is an example of game with more than 10mb, uploaded successfully to the website Kongregate.

    Thanks a lot to Ashley and AarongamerX for the tutorials

    Here are the simple ways:

    Step 1) Upload your game to Google Drive

    Step 2) Upload To Kongregate

    That's it, Hope it helps =)

  • So if I want to put it on the Scirra Arcade can I have a window size of 1280 x 720?

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