How do I make the layout scroll upwards/downwards

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  • Hi. So I am making a map kinda like super mario aka very long layout like this:

    The background is temporary until I make my own and I haven't decide yet the way is going to be. Not sure if I should go tiled background or just a sprite.

    Right now is just a sprite that I resize to cover the whole layout while I was starting to get the basics of my game. Now I want to advance further and I need to take care of the background mechanics.

    I also want to make the game going upwards, like in Super Mario you would go higher up in the clouds. Do I need to resize the layout to have a higher height or is there any trick to it? Any tips would be helpful.

    I was thinking that I should just make the layout as big as I want both width and height and just make the background fit the resolution size with parallax 0,0 but not sure if that's a good way to go and also I'm afraid it might look a bit stiff.


  • I would use the TiledBackground and just have environment sprites (like clouds? birds? etc?) on a layer above that in order to change the scene as you move up.

  • You can turn on "unbounded scrolling, and therefore there's no size to the layout anymore. you would limit what the player can see by simply not having things for them to jump on etc. or invisible walls preventing them from going where they shouldnt

  • The unbound doesnt work for the kind of platformer Im making I think

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