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  • First of all, a "hello world" to you all :)

    So here is my problem:

    I have a project that has to work on various platforms, be it Android (CocoonJS), iOS, various browsers... the project has to be pixel perfect, so no stretch is allowed (Fullscreen in browser: Corp). We found we can achieve this by "anchoring" the objects which we reload in another resolution when window sitze exceeds certain limits (ie. we have 3 sets of sprites, one for small UI (low res), medium and high). Basically, the UI moves around in a way that there is more and more space between objects and when we reach certain window size, we insert biger images.

    Anyways, this is not the main issiue. The promlem is the following:

    We want to swipe between layouts. This would normally work in such a way, that we copy the content into canvas, load new layout, paste canvas image to center (move our camera scroll) and scroll from the canvas image to the newly loaded layout. This all works fine (Copy layout to canvas function), but when we have objects outside our layout size, they are not copied to canvas via this function. Instead, it just captures the actual content ON layout and stretches it to our canvas which is in size of the window.

    Is there a way to fix this, taking into consideration we have to work with small layout (we don't want to render 1080p image on 320p mobile phone) and it has to be supported on most platforms, while project is set to "corp".

    <img src="http://shrani.si/f/Y/c6/mswRNXK/untitled.jpg" border="0" />

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  • Ofcourse, my terminology is rather basic, if I was at any point unclear and my problem needs to be explained in greater detail, please let me know and I will try to explain it in greater detail.

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