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  • hi there this might sound like a wierd question but ive never come across this problem,

    do objects delete when you change layout. because ive always been able to change layouts before and go back and all objects are there but now when i swap between 2 layouts the objects get deleted on layout. which will cause i problem for when i want things to change and there there for future use.

    i hope ive made this clear enough i do apologise if i havent

  • Hi Darkrealos

    May not be exactly what you are after but when i've had to do similar ive used the "Persist" behaviour.

    The only other thing I can think of is making sure the object type is available to both layouts, im doing a game at the moment where I needed to add my player sprite to the menu screen for a specific event

    Hope this helps!

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  • ahhhh i see well persist is a great idea and im using a splash screen for all my objects which i think might be why they disappear. well thank you very much for replying youve helped a great deal.

    p.s. persist is that an object behavior? never used it before

  • Yeah Ive only used it on sprites before but its on the top section of behaviours from memory (sorry am at work now so cant say for certain)

  • persist works a charm thank you for your help

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