How do I make the layout not restart

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  • to get started pardon my English the google traslate.

    I wonder if it is possible, that the return to a layout, flies to be as I leave before going to another layout.

    game example:

    layout 1 - there are planets and my ship, then I go to the planet and entered the layout 2

    Layout 2 - I am inside the world that can break as you want and then exit the planet and get to layout 1

    layout 1 - you re-enter the layout 2

    Layout 2 - and everything is as you left it the last time you

    image example:

    save and load the system works.

    but to move things in my inventory. the layout 2. does not work with save and load

    help ! XD

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  • Wouldn't the persist behaviour work?

    Anything that has it keeps its state when leaving and returning to its layout.

  • That's a really good question :0

    I liked the way you think my friend.

    Well depending on what you want to do, you might want to use the persist behavior just like VonFirflirch said.

    Or you can use the web/local storage to save only particular values.

    There are several tutorial about this that can teach you a lot. Give them a try and come back here to tell us how the game is coming up

  • Yeah persist is good for your problem

  • Thanks to everyone!

    Are right. Behaviour persist. It works perfect!

  • In my project, for some reasons, this behavior can't work. Then, in cases like the my own, is possible using Local Storage plugin, saving the object's position and instance variables' values, and reading from Local Storage value's on start of layout.

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