How to make the layout expand upwards?

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  • First of all, sorry for my bad English cause I'm an Asian.

    I'm making a vertical platformer game, just like "Icy Tower".My problem is every time I expand the height of my layout ( to add more platforms ), the added space goes downward.

    Is there a way to make it expand upwards? cause that is easier for me. Or I just have to put something like 1280 X 100000... at the start?

    Sorry for being a noob.

    suggestions are highly appreciated. It's a brilliant game with new ideas and gameplay.

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  • Y=0 is the TOP of your screen, not the bottom.

    easy solution: anchor things to the bottom

    Try the template (included in SC2) called jumping

  • I'll try that, thanks!

  • I'm sorry but it's not what I want to do. I want to be able to extend my layout upwards to continue creating a platform manually.

    for example: If I already reach the top of my current layout by filling in platforms, I want to extend it upwards so that I will be able to add other platforms.

    but what happens is that, if I extend the height of my layout it extends downward.

    it's not an infinite jumper game. I design the layout and platforms manually.

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